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Why Is My Cat Sneezing?

A cat is one of the best pets that anyone can own. To keep your cat healthy and even prolong his or her lifespan, you need to understand the reasons behind some of his or her behaviors. Maybe you have noticed that your cat is sneezing recently. If your cat sneezes occasionally, this may not be a cause for any alarm. However, if you notice that this habit is happening more frequently, you are prone to ask yourself a lot of questions. One of the questions that you ask yourself is why is my cat sneezing? To answer the...

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Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

It is not an easy thing to ignore your lovely cat when she is staring at you. In most cases, cats stare when they want something from us. A cat believes that when she stares at you, she can control your mind and probably force you to do what she wants. This may not be really true, but it feels to be true. Especially when you look up and your little friend is gazing at you. You may start to wonder why does my cat stare at me. You also happen to be the source of her food. Cats...

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me?

We are all aware of the fact that cats tend to sleep a lot, and this is because of various factors including preserving energy and body warmth. Nevertheless, if you are a feline owner, you may discover you’re your furry friend prefers to sleep on top of you rather than on anything else. You may find this behavior odd and will wonder why does my cat sleep on me. There are some individuals who might find this behavior to be irritating although it depends entirely on their personal likings. There are some obvious reasons why your cat likes to...

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me?

Pet owners will often observe that cats have a tendency to play follow the leader. New cat owners often ask why does my cat follow me around. When you go to the bedroom to get something, it will follow you there. Move to the kitchen and it will navigate through the dining room chairs to chase you down. Even when going to the bathroom, it will follow you with an unnerving stare. No space is sacred nor private to your ever-following cat. Your cat’s following behavior can be attributed to not just one, but to several possible reasons. After...

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Why Does My Cat Eat My Hair?

Cats are adorable pets. Anyone who has parented a feline will tell you about some of the odd behaviors their furry friends often tend to engage in to show their love and affection. One of the weird habits cats often indulge is to bite or eat your hair. Discovering your cat gnawing and tugging your hair as you are watching television, reading a book or lying in bed can take you by surprise, especially if you are a new cat owner. This will lead you to wonder why does my cat eat my hair. However, consider this cat behavior...

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