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The Super Savannah Cat Breed

  Breed Characteristics Adaptability 100% Intelligence 100% Hair Shedding 60% Affectionate 90% Ease of Grooming 40% Child Friendly 80% Playful Energy 100% Pet Friendly 100% Stranger Friendly 100% The Savannah cat breed is a fairly new breed of shorthaired cat, who is very affectionate, and outgoing. This is a tall lean graceful cat with striking dark spots and other bold markings. The domestic breed resembles its ancestral roots, the African serval, but is smaller in size. However, it is one of the largest domesticated breeds of cats, with males sometimes reaching as much as 30lb. The Savannah is a...

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The 15 Best Cat Trees

As cat owners we all want to please our cats by buying them special and unique food treats and toys, to engaging in fun and entertaining play with them. They provide us with so many physical, health and emotional benefits that we want to return this gesture of appreciation in a way that we know that they would love. Having a cat tree in your home would be a great benefit for your cats. It gives them stimulation and a place to burn off energy. Instead of your cat jumping all over your furniture, and scratching up your upholstery...

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The Ten Best Cat Toys

It is important that you establish regular play time with your cat to promote their health and happiness. Cats have a natural need to hunt, and developing cat play that simulates their hunting behavior will have a positive benefit to their mental, emotional and physical well-being. When a cat is hunting, stalking their prey exercises the cat’s mind and improves their reaction time. The chasing and jumping provide exercise and improves their physical health. When indoor cats get bored, they will relieve their boredom by fighting, or tearing up your furniture. It is important that you provide at least...

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