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The 15 Best Cat Trees

As cat owners we all want to please our cats by buying them special and unique food treats and toys, to engaging in fun and entertaining play with them. They provide us with so many physical, health and emotional benefits that we want to return this gesture of appreciation in a way that we know that they would love.

Having a cat tree in your home would be a great benefit for your cats. It gives them stimulation and a place to burn off energy. Instead of your cat jumping all over your furniture, and scratching up your upholstery and furnished wooden surfaces, they get to jump and climb on their very own cat tree.

On a more scientific note, cats by nature like to be in high places. You will often notice in your home that your cat likes to lounge on a windowsill, top of a wall unit, or high back end of your sofa. They are rarely resting on the ground, and even if they are it is only for a short time and usually under a sheltered space. It is an instinctual need for a cat to stay up high because it makes them feel safe. If you ever notice when your cat is anxious they will often climb up high where it would be hard to reach them or hide under a piece of furniture or a space where it is also difficult to retrieve them as well. They just know that no one can easily get them and even if someone does try to retrieve them, your cat will pick up on this move on to the next difficult high spot. Being up high also gives your cat a better opportunity to survey their surroundings for prey to hunt and enemies to be watchful for. This gives them the vantage point of being able to respond quickly in its territory for hunting purposes and to just also be safe.

Cat Tree Material

Cat trees are usually made of pressed wood covered by a carpet material, or faux fur. If possible, try to get a cat tree that is constructed with plywood, so it will last longer. You can opt for solid wood cat trees, but these are usually much more expensive, though they do last the longest. Cat tree posts are usually covered with sisal rope, which has the right texture and feel for cats to want to scratch.
The stability of a cat tree is important for your cat to want to use it. A cat will not want to jump onto something that is unstable, or has the potential to tip over. Most cat trees are free standing, but we suggest that you always secure the cat tree to the wall at a few points to enhance its stability. This will ensure that your cat will use the cat tree without fear of it toppling over.

Cat Tree Size

The size of the cat tree that you get will depend on several factors. The number of cats you have will strongly dictate what cat tree size is right for you. You want to be sure all of your cats have enough room to play, and jump around. Try to put the cat tree in an area where people car since cats like to be where the action is. Another option is to put the cat tree beside a window. Cats love the sun, and like to watch what is happening outside.

15. BestPet Pet House


This multi-dimensional cat condo is a lovely dream home for your feline buddy. This unit comes in colours of pink, ivory and beige as well as patterns. Fantastic for cats who love to jump and relish on their high perches. Great for the exploratory climber who just needs to inspect all surfaces, and efficient enough for easy going cats that just like to hang low and snooze the day away. Adequate for young and older felines since there are varying levels to discover, hide, rest or chase each other on.

This cat condo can promote exercise opportunities for cats who like to play due to the different sizes and levels of the various structures. Super for a small room where there isn’t a lot of ground space for your cat to run on. Also, since cats enjoy high places, this is a perfect piece of cat furniture for your feline friend. This unit is stable, sturdy and durable. Easy to clean and assemble.

14. Go Pet Club Brown Cat Tree


This vertical, tall cat tree will fit into comfortably in any small or large room. Elegant, dark brown colouring will enhance the interior design of any size of occupied living space. This durable and sturdy cat tree with an overall size of 21W x21L x 52H will provide a lot of jumping, climbing and stretching activity for your cat’s various energy levels. High perches with dangling mouse toy will give your cat lots of opportunity for play and hunting possibilities.

The long ramp will encourage your cat to stretch and explore and finds its way to a spacious hideaway area to nap and groom at its own leisure. Long ramp is also super for older cats to seek out the cat house and base area has a nice sheltered area for your cat to lounge in. This cat tree condo is strong and stable to withstand the most rambunctious of cats. Great for all sizes of felines and long sisal covered posts provides lots of scratching room for your cat(s). Faux fur covered sections are quick and simple to clean. Easy to assemble in a minimal time frame.

13. Go Pet Club Medium Cat Tree


This 52 inch high cat tree tower is ideal for medium size cats. The many long, sisal scratching posts will provide your cat(s) with ample room and enjoyment for necessary scratching. The high perches will give your cat a nice height to survey its territory for a possible hunt and other playful activities. Slanting stair case provides extra exercise for your cat to explore the tower or to crawl into the mini hideaway for rest and relaxation. This sheltered hideaway will also make for an extra play space for you to play with your cat.

Hanging mice will benefit the most playful of cats and satisfy its need to hunt and play. Space underneath the staircase will give your cat extra room to stay safe of just hide lounge in. This vertical cat tower does not take up a lot of space, is attractive and will fit nicely into any room. This product comes with instructions and is simple to assemble. The pieces are not heavy, hence making for easier construction. This cat tower is easy to clean, can fit into small rooms and will give your cat a place to call their own.

12. Cat Tree Condo


A great cat condo for active cats yet it can also be used for older cats who like to lounge and groom to their heart’s desire This cat tree condo is also extremely solid and stable for the most boisterous of cats. Lots of scratching surface on this cat condo will keep your cat interested in scratching this cat furniture instead of your home furnishings. The two hammocks, tunnel. 3 platforms and cat shelter provide ample space for rest and relaxation, however your cats may fight over the more plush, round hammock! Your cat will enjoy climbing and exploring the various levels, mini hideaway and hanging open ended tunnel.

This multi-level cat condo will provide great entertainment for you and your cat (s) to play in and around and will keep you both busy. Hanging rope can be used to attach toys to so that your cat can have hunting opportunities or just leave it hanging free for your cat to be creative with. This cat tree condo is easy to set up with minimal effort. This cat tree condo is also ideal to place anywhere in your home since it doesn’t take up too much space hence, making it an effective play area for you and your feline friend to take advantage of.

11. Go Pet Brown Condo


This fantastic cat condo with overall dimensions of 38” (W) by 27”(L) by 62” (H) will spark your feline’s curiosity and interest. This vertical and tall cat tree condo has lots of space for your feline to explore and climb on, as well as ample areas to rest and snooze, your feline will be enraptured with this cat condos many capabilities. The long hanging rope toy will entice your cat to hunt and play and long sisal covered scratching posts will give your feline lots of opportunity to scratch. The mini ladder with sisal covering will draw an older cat’s attention as well as provide a fun play for a young cat or kitten to frolic on.

The plush dark brown faux fur gives your cat condo a luxurious look as well as provide comfort for you cat to relax on. An attractive cat condo that will go well anywhere in your home is one of its rewarding features, This tall, stable and sturdy cat condo is durable for multiple cats as well as for your adored single fur baby. Comes complete with easy to follow instructional guide with set up tool, hence making set quick and simple. Faux fur material can be easily cleaned with a sponge, small brush or vacuum.

10. Go Pet High Cat Loft


This extra tall and perpendicular cat tree is a must have for a home with multiple cats. This well-built 5 tier cat tree will appease your cat’s need to sit up high and “own” its vertical territory. This cat well in establishing your cats hierarchial statuses as well and helps to keep the peace among your feline family. Overall dimensions of 33” (W) by 22” (L) by 72”(H) will give full space for your cat to banter around in, snooze, lounge, hunt and explore.

The ramps provide extra support for older cats who want to sit up at the top and navigate their way down to the lower levels. The three high perch areas gives your cat extra room to survey its surroundings and satisfy it’s natural instinct to feel secure and safe. Sisal rope covering on the posts will help to relieve your cat content desire to scratch and knead. The brown and tan colouring is visually appealing and brighten up any living space. Super soft plush fabric looks more fancier than carpet and looks attractive and won’t be shredded to bits and cause a mess. Easy to put together in less than 30 minutes. Soft faux fur fabric is easy to clean with a sponge, vacuum or small brush.

9. Go Pet Club Beige Cat Tree


This 51 inch high cat tree tower is ideal for small cats. The vertical and simple structure can fit efficiently into a large or small room and will look great in any corner or open walled area. The neutral, beige colour can easily match your décor and brings a warm and complementing touch to your surroundings. Your cat will enjoy jumping up and down from the different heights of the perches to burn off bouts of energy and the hanging mouse will satisfy its instinct for hunting.

This sturdy and stable structure with high and flat perches are great for multiple cats to play and relax on. Even great for you to play, with your pet or groom your cat on. The house compartment is roomy enough for your feline to rest in or just groom away. The long sisal covered posts will provide lots of opportunity for scratching and adjacent stretching. The soft and silky fabric on the perches, base and hideaway unit will make for efficient cleaning with minimal effort. This cat tower is fast and easy to assemble for novices. This is a super value for a cat tower furniture product.

8. BestPet Activity Condo


Extra large and tall cat condo suitable for a multiple cat household. Additional perching platforms will make your cat feel like the king or queen of its castle! Numerous sisal covered scratching posts will relieve your cat’s need for scratching and stretching. Roomy enclosed cat condo shelters provide a space for rest and quiet time. Ramps between the varying platform levels will aid in assisting your older or little kitty with climbing and surveying its surroundings.

Wide and strong large square base prevents wobbling and tipping while your felines jump and pounce on the different levels. Large base covered with soft and silky faux fur provides additional space for your cat to groom and explore. Hanging mouse toys will satisfy its need to release extra energy and hunt. This stylish looking cat tower condo will keep your cat entertained and interested on a regular basis and away from your other household furniture. Easy to assemble in a short time frame. Simple to clean.

7. Go Pet Medium Brown Condo


This efficiently sized cat tower is just right for a corner of a room or against a walled area. The wide base provides extra support and is very stationary. Ideal for smaller to medium size cats. Spacious hideaway is suitable for your cat to lounge and rest in. Loose hanging sisal rope toy and hanging mouse will provide additional entertainment and exercise for your feline buddy. The 3 rung mini ladder on this cat tree is comprised of sisal material and will give your cat extra area for scratching and stretching, as well as an aid to climb up to the higher platforms.

The faux fur plush covering adds a touch of class to this cat tree and provides additional comfort for your cat’s needs. Wide area platforms will also satisfy your cat’s desire to sit, lounge and frolic. The instructional guide given is clear and simple to follow, making it a breeze in assembling your cat tree. This nicely designed cat tree is easy to clean with a small sponge, brush, vacuum. Ideal size for any living space.

6. Go Pet Club Medium Cat Tree


This attractive cat condo will provide ample play space for your cat(s). Perfect for the curious climber. The varying structural heights makes for sufficient exploration and loads of exercise for your feline buddies. Long, sisal scratching posts are durable and a welcome treat for adequate stretching and scratching. Houses allow for rest and relaxation while the high perches give your cat a place to groom or just be. Hanging toys satisfy the need for hunting and gives that little extra to burn off extra energy when you are too busy to play with them.

Stable and sturdy for the most active cats, yet resting areas are plush and soft for those cats that like to snooze all day. This large cat condo is great for any size of cat and gives your cat a place to call it’s own (aside from all of the other belongings in your home!). These cat trees come in colours of different shades beige and ivory. These big cat tree condos are attractive and blend easily into any room. Cleaning these structures are simple with a small brush or vaccum and are easy to move around.

5. Go Pet Club Blue Cat Tree


Looking to give your pet cat an additional outlet for exercise, play and stimulation? Looking for a way to save your furniture against pet wear and tear? This jungle gym oriented cat tree in a luxurious dark blue will provide extra play space for your kitty and away from your valuable home décor. Overall size of 50” (w) by 26” (L) by 72” (H) is suitable for the most energetic cat need to run, jump, stretch and climb and also provides effective lounge space for your laid back feline to groom or just be. Super high perches with hanging plush toys will keep your ever curious cat from being bored.

The hanging mice make for additional entertainment and will satisfy your cat’s instinctual need to hunt, Extra long, sisal material scratching posts will be a constant pleasure for your cat. This sturdy and solidly constructed cat tree is a must have for a multiple cat household or can provide great enjoyment for a single cat family. Perfect for all sizes, ages and dexterity level of cats. This cat tree can be quite easy to assemble in a short time frame. Easy to clean and maintain.

4. Go Pet Club Large Cat Tree


This unique multi-cat cat tree will be a hit with all of your cats. Even for the fussiest of cats they will enjoy climbing, scratching, hiding, swatting the enticingly hanging toy mice and of course, snoozing in the hideaways and on top of the perches. Tall posts will accommodate constant stretching and the sisal covering on the posts will make scratching loads of fun for them. This cat tree is stable and solid enough to move around on a smooth floor when needing to change locations to suit your cat’s needs. The cat hideaways are at a perfect height of being up off the floor to allow for some quiet relaxation or a required nap by your feline.

The perch areas will give your cat the ultimate space to groom itself, and rest repeatedly since its natural instinct to just stay safe. The plush, furry fabric material on this product is easy to maintain, hence eliminating the arduous task of constant cleaning. Underlying material on the tree is a durable yet softer material, which will permit you to attach an assortment of other hanging toys from various levels and areas. This large cat tree does not take up a lot of space and the neutral color of beige will add a unique flair to any room. This cat tree can be easily constructed in less than 30 mins, making for a hassle free assembly.

3. Tall Beige Cat Tree


Extra tall and high structural cat condo gives your cat freedom to hunt, explore and satisfy its instinctual needs. Ideal for curious and active of cats who enjoys jumping, climbing, and playing with you and other household cats. Suitable for cats of various ages, sizes and agility skills. This cat condo has lots of area for lounging and grooming. Up to 4 to 5 levels of platforms, hangng plush toys, housing units and tunnels will keep your cat and its buddies entertained daily. Also, the additional space will satisfy your cat’s territorial requirements to maintain a friendly environment with its other house mates.

This cat condo is spacious enough to attach other cat enhancement play items for your cat’s exercise and entertainment needs. Plush faux fur covering gives the cat condo an elegant and classy look. This material is durable and will not shred against your cat’s clawing allowing your cat tree to maintain its new and stylsh look. A fantastic feature to add to any room. A great investment towards your cat’s pleasure and health. This cat tree is comprised of solid wood for durability and strength. Stable and sturdy for multiple cats Easy to assemble in a minimal time frame. Clean up simple with a small sponge, brush or vacuum.

Best Cat Trees (15)

Tall Beige Cat Tree


Cat Tree, Beige
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2. Two Level Cat Tree


For those owners who prefer a low key and simple cat tree style, this sturdy and durable cat tree with solid scratching post will fit into any room with ease. Thick base wiith a 37” high scratching post and adjacent shorter post will prevent your cat tree from tipping over when your feline is in high energy mode This feline friendly cat tree will also provide for your pet ample opportunity for climbing, stretching and jumping activities. Deluxe carpet covering on the large perches will give your cat extra cushiony comfort for lounging or dozing.

Since these perch rest areas are high up the floor, your cat will feel even more safe and relaxed. Suitable for all sizes, and ages of cats. Sisal material will satisfy your feline’s natural tendency to scratch and will stay in top condition for a good length of time. The great thing about this cat tree is that it is already assembled when it is shipped out to your residence. The only hard task will just be taking it out of its delivery packaging!. Simple to clean and will blend into your room’s décor with ease.

1. Go Pet Club Leopard Cat Tree


This snazzy leopard print cat tree will spark up a room as well as your cat;s desire to explore, hunt and play. A great way to give your cat the space to exercise to maintain its physical and mental health. This cat tree is ideal for medium to large size cats and can be used for a multiple cat household. However, there are ramps for an older cat to climb on to investigate the low tiers and hideaway shelter. Numerous scratching posts will satisfy your cat’s need to scratch and stretch.

Super high perches provide extra space to feel safe in, rest or groom on.. Hanging toy will entice your cat to hunt and frolic. This cat tree comes with assembly instructions and required tools. It can be assembled in less than 30 mins. This cat tree tower is comprised of strong pressed wood and is solid and sturdy. Faux fur covering can be easily cleaned with a sponge, vacuum or small brush.

Best Cat Trees Summary

Cat trees/condos/towers that have hanging toys and lots of scratching post surface will provide extra stimulation and satisfy your cat’s instinctual need to hunt. For those owners who work long hours these toys and enhancements act as an added bonus in providing invigorating activity for your cat during their energy spurts when you are not around and also gives them hunting time to look forward to. Having a cat tree in your home also will give your cat their own territory and space to call their own. Your cat will happily enjoy resting on any soft place in your home (bed, sofa,cabinet top), but if you like to avoid cleaning unnecessary cat hair, possessing a cat tree with the more than usual bells and whistles (soft mats, toys, ample cat nip enhanced areas) will once again keep your furniture scratch and hair free.

Cat trees come in varying dimensions to fit adequately in your home and to suit your feline’s needs of weight, age and energy level. Another added bonus is that a cat tree depending on style, colour and style, can make any room in your home look attractive and unique.

We always want the best for our feline friends and for them to maintain their physical and mental health for as long as they can. One of these best cat trees will provide you and your cat with an abundant outlet of entertainment to enjoy day in and day out.

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