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The Best Cat Water Fountains

Every living thing both human and animal need to drink water for optimal health. Your cat’s body is roughly 80% water, so it is important that kitty drinks enough water. Even a small reduction in how much your cat drinks can have a big effect on your cat’s health. If your cat does not drink enough water, it can lead to a number of health problems, including dehydration. This can lead to kidney disease and lower urinary tract problems. This article describes the best cat water fountains, and how one can help to keep your cat happy and healthy.

How much water your cat needs, is partially dependent on if you feed her wet or dry food. Wet food has a higher water content, and is a natural way of increasing your cat’s water intake. Most cats prefer the taste and texture of wet food over dry food, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for kitty to eat wet food. However, your cat may prefer to only eat dry food. In this case, you may want to try adding water to the dry food to increase the moisture content. You will need to only add a small amount of water at first, until your cat gets used to the water. Always make changes to your cat’s diet very slowly.

Most cats love to drink water from the tap. This is because they instinctively know that moving water is fresher, and healthier than still water. Drinking lots of water will keep your cat hydrated and promote better kidney health. The best cat water fountains that are presented below, take advantage of the fact that cats like moving water, thereby encouraging your cat to drink more.

8. NatureSpa Deluxe Water Fountain


What a remarkable way for your pets to stay hydrated! This classy looking fountain circulates water to keep it fresh, clean and free flowing. The great features of LED light for night visibility and low water shut off, low voltage use and high energy pump is what makes it worthwhile and unique. This water fountain will add a touch of elegance to any room.

The water fountain is easy to clean and is refill. It is also very quiet and will not cause any distracting noises. LED light has the added benefit of being a night light in your home. What a great way to keep your pets happy and hydrated.

7. CleanFlow Water Fountain


This CleanFlow water dish with filter will provide good, clean water for your cat on daily basis. The filter pump filters contents up to 130 times per hour, ensuring that the water is consistently fresh and pure. Charcoal filter removes bad taste, odors, and debris. This flowing water dish is stable, durable and does not leak. Your cat will definitely take pleasure in drinking water from this flowing water dish.

The flowing water dish is lightweight and quick and easy to clean. A great product for those owners who like to give their cat(s) fresh water without the hassle of daily refills. What a great way to keep your cat healthy and happy.

6. Platinum Pet Fountain


This contemporary white water fountain with a free flowing water stream will have your pet lapping up water as often as it can! Stream feature ensures that the water remains cool and fresh for your pet’s needs. Pre-Filter removes large particles of debris and bits of food before they reach the motor, therefore keeping your fountain operating in top condition. Replaceable filter keeps the water clean and free from bad odors. This low voltage unit, 12 voltage system comes complete with cord tuck ad inline disconnect for simple plug removal.

This fountain is quiet and splash free and can easily fit into any space in your home. LED lights will indicate if the water level is low for refill. This product is simple to clean and easy to locate debris due to its white coloring. Your pets will look forward to drinking water from this unique LED water fountain.

5. Platinum Pet Fountain


This elegant large size 128 ounce water fountain will make drinking water a pleasure for your pets. The constant flow and ceramic product will keep the water cool and fresh. You just might find them drinking more water than ever before! This large sized drinking fountain is especially good for multi-pet households. The added feature of the replaceable filter helps to keep the water clean and pure. This fountain is fast and easy to clean and is also dishwasher safe.

This stylish product will add a bit of flair to the décor in any room. This fountain is also, extremely quiet keeping your home free from any unnecessary noise. Your pets will also gain a form of entertainment, as they will be fascinated by the moving, flowing water.

4. Ceramic Drinking Fountain


This sturdy, attractive looking 60 ounce water fountain will have your pets, happily and eagerly drinking water to their hearts content. The circulation feature ensures that the water is always fresh and your pet can always look forward to quenching their thirst with good, pure water. The built-in replaceable charcoal filter constantly cleans the water to keep it fresh. This drinking water fountain is easy to assemble and dishwasher safe.

Since this drinking fountain is made of white ceramic, it is easy to clean and to spot food bits and debris for immediate removal. The quiet, flowing water sound can be peaceful and relaxing to you and your pets. Another bonus is that this ceramic product has the potential to keep the water at a cooler temperature. This fountain product will entice your pets to drink more water.

3. Raindrop Ceramic Fountain


Give your pets an opportunity to drink water in style! This uniquely designed fountain will complement the décor in any room in your home. This durable and sturdy fountain with ceramic construction does not require any batteries. The 60 ounce capacity gives your pet lots of space to peacefully drink water. The circulating water stays fresh and clean and your pets will happily indulge in satisfying their thirst. This product possesses a replaceable filter to keep the water clean and pure. This 3 part ceramic fountain is quick and easy to clean.

The fountain is quiet and splash free. An added bonus is that fountain the water will not leak onto floors. A great product for pet owners who do not have time to change water daily. What a great way to regularly provide fresh water for your pets.

2. Ceramic Avalon Fountain


This 70 ounce free falling stream water fountain will surely aid in keeping your pets hydrated and happy. Your pets will have fun and drink more water at the same time! The dual patented falling water design adds oxygen in the water for freshness and keeps the water circulating. The replaceable filter helps to remove bad taste and keeps the water pure and clean. Upper and lower dishes provide lots or room for pets in a multi-pet household to drink without interruption.

This durable fountain is quick to assemble and easy to clean. The fountain has a quiet noise which can be very relaxing and soothing to other members in your household. Definitely a great product that will please pet(s) and owner!

1. Multi-Tier Pet Fountain


This charming looking water fountain with multiple streams of water provides a fun and easy way for your pets to drink, clean fresh water. This fountain is sturdy and stable and has the ability to keep the water flowing. Just the way your pet likes it! The foam filter will stop debris and food bits from entering into the water. The filter also helps to keep the water odor free and pleasant tasting.

The two tiers of flowing water gives your pet easy access to drink water. Markers on the inside of the fountain indicate water levels so that you can gauge levels for refilling purposes. This product is easy to clean and dishwater safe. This water fountain will fit into any space in your home very easily. A great price for a durable water fountain.

Best Cat Water Fountains Summary

To properly monitor how much your cat is drinking, it is important to fill their water bowl every day. If you notice an increase, or decrease in kitty’s water intake, it could indicate a potential health issue. Your cat may not be fussy whether she is drinking tap or bottled water. However, if she is not drinking enough change the water type to figure out what water source she prefers. Making sure that your cat drinks enough water is vital to their health, and getting one of these best cat water fountains will encourage your cat to drink more water.


Buffy Drinking by Macinate, used under CC BY | Derivative

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