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The Ten Best Cat Beds

Have you noticed that sometimes your cat sleeps in the oddest of places? Sometimes I look at my cats sleeping, and wonder how she can possibly be comfortable sleeping like that. Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day, and as a cat parent we want them to be as comfortable as possible. It would also be nice if they decide not to sleep on the sofa, bed or my desk chair all the time. Getting your kitty one of these best cat beds will certainly make her happy.

Providing a cat bed can help to reduce the amount of cat hair and dander that gets on your furniture. A cat bed is much easier to clean then your entire sofa. You can throw a cat bed into the washer, but your sofa will defiantly not fit. Here are few things to consider when browsing the ten best cat beds:

Cat Bed Size

Most cat beds are big enough to most sized cats. However, if you have a larger kitty such as a Main Coon, then you will need to get an extra-large sized bed. Though if you have a smaller cat like a Spynx, then a small cat bed will do just fine.

Territorial Cat

Cats are territorial creatures by nature. So having a cat bed will allow her to claim something as her own. Try placing the cat bed in places that your cat likes to lay.

Cat Bed Design

There are a number of options when it comes to the design of your best cat bed. Cats are particularly attracted to cup-shaped beds, since the shape follows the natural contours of their bodies as they are curled up.

To make your decision easier, we have researched and picked out the following best cat beds. This will help you to pick the cat bed that is best for your cat.

10. Round Cat Bed


This plush and cushiony bed with the size of 22” X 6” will give your cat the perfect opportunity to relax and rest in. Great bed to put on top of a shelf or cabinet to give your cat elevated height to feel safe. This pet bed is durable enough and will withstand its shape after numerous washings. It can be tumble dried, is easy to clean and will look attractive in any room.

9. Scratch and Massage Cat Bed


A unique entertaining lounger for your cat to stretch, roll, scratch and knead in. Dimensions of 16.2” (L) X 16.2” (W) X 4.8” (H) is suitable for any size cat. Three layers of ripple board allow your cat to scratch away with the fact that there is more scratching surface underneath. Sturdy cardboard box is shred resistance and durable with the most boisterous of cats. Your cats will have a ball feeling its way around the box and scratching its head on the corners. A great bed for their grooming needs as well.

8. Funky Fish Cat Bed


This uniquely shaped cat bed with attractive colors will entice your cat to explore, lounge and eventually snooze. Measurements of 24” (L) X 13” (W) X17.5” (H) work well with small or medium size cats. This sheltered cat bed works well in a multiple cat household where cats can hide in, run into and eventually sleep in. The Funky fish shape will hold up to the most rambunctious cat play. This cat bed is comprised of durable polyester foam to retain is shape and is easy to clean with a damp cloth or small brush.

7. Kitty Hammock


This attractive looking hammock bed will be a hit with your cat! Spring clips that are included with this bed, makes it is easy to attach to any cat cage interior. An excellent addition to a cat cage provide a cat with some private space, and a place to rest and groom. Plush synthetic lamb wool material will keep your cat cozy and snug. Attractive pattern will make your cat. Super accessory for a small or medium size cat. Easy to clean and set up.

6. Frame Cat Bed


A perfect bed to keep your cat off of the cold ground and cool floors. This cat cot measures 35.5” by 25.5 “. It’s spacious enough for your cat to stretch out on, groom itself or just be. Fabric is breathable and will keep your feline comfortable. Great bed for the outdoors on a porch or yard and also for indoor verandas, balconies and rooms. Sturdy and strong enough for large cats. Easy to clean and assemble.

5. Cat Lounger


This elegant lounger will make any cat feel like royalty much more than they do already! Suitable to situate near a window sill, porch or balcony. Sturdy enough for large cats. This plush cat bed is elevated off the ground to give your cat maximum comfort to relax, stretch and groom. Legs on the cat bed are adjustable to fit different platform widths and space. Fancy design will fit well in any room or living space. Easy to assemble and clean.

4. Cat Bed Heating Pad


This comfortable microwavable heating pad is a great accessory to put in your cat’s bed during those seasonally cold months as well as transporting them in a cat carrier when the temperature is cool. This pad provides 10 hours of warmth and works well for travelling with your pet and also for putting it in cool areas in your home so that your cat can stay comfortable and toasty warm. No- toxic compound won’t harm your pet and is non-electric to prevent any unnecessary injury to your feline. This works well when used with blankets and pillows to ensure your cat’s maximum comfort.

3. Outdoor Kitty House


This outdoor cat house has an entrance and exit so that your cat can quickly escape if the need arises. This cat house is also waterproof to withstand damp weather and unexpected rain. The heat feature also compensates for those cold days and nights when your pet just wants to be outside. Great to be used on a porch, open garage or open shed. This cat house is sturdy and durable against environmental elements. Your cat will find safety and comfort in this oudoor kitty house. They can lounge, sleep and groom themselves in it no matter what the weather. Easy to assemble and maintain.

2. Plush Cat Bed


This plush cave shaped cat bed will keep your cat safe and cosy anywhere in your home. Overall dimensions of 18”(L) X13” (W) X 13” (H) is suitable for any size of cat. Velvety soft material is waterproof should you keep it outdoors in a sheltered area. Comprised of extra thick 100% polyester provides a cushiony sanctuary for your feline to lounge, rest and groom itself in. Attractive looking designs with add flair to any living quarters. Easy to clean with a cloth or in the washing machine.

1. K&H Heated Cat Bed


This super cosy thermo heated cat bed will provide a refuge for your cat during those seasonally cold days and nights. This plush and thermo heated bed will provide the ultimate relaxing and lounging experience for your furry or hairless breed. The bed is for indoor use only and works perfectly against a window sill or other open spaced area. You can raise the temperature up to 15 degrees above air temperature to suit your feline’s needs. High enclosed sides will make your cat feel more comfortable and safe. The cover removes easily and is washable. It will also remain in good condition even after numerous washings. A perfect way to pamper your feline.

Best Cat Bed Summary

It is possible that you get one of these best cat beds, only to find that your cat wants nothing to do with it. Just because you put a bed in a corner for your cat, does not mean that she will sleep in it. You may need to experiment with the bed location to figure out where kitty likes her new bed.

The biggest reason why your cat does not sleep in the new bed is the smell. If your kitty does a quick sniff test, and simply walks away, then you may need to wash the bed before she uses it. A good trick to entice your kitty to use her new bed is to put one of your shirts in it. Your cat is used to your smell, and will be more comfortable sleeping in her new bed.

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