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The Ten Best Cat Toys

It is important that you establish regular play time with your cat to promote their health and happiness. Cats have a natural need to hunt, and developing cat play that simulates their hunting behavior will have a positive benefit to their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

When a cat is hunting, stalking their prey exercises the cat’s mind and improves their reaction time. The chasing and jumping provide exercise and improves their physical health.

When indoor cats get bored, they will relieve their boredom by fighting, or tearing up your furniture. It is important that you provide at least 10-15 minutes of daily playtime to minimize their negative behavior, and release their anxiety and stress.

One of these best cat toys will let you enjoy your play time with your kitty.

10. Undercover Moving Mouse


A splendid way to satisfy your cat’s instinctual need to hunt! Mimics scavenging and hunting in a cats natural outdoor environment where your cat has to investigate and seek out their prey.

Your feline will derive pleasure from pouncing, scratching, pawing at the undercover mouse. A great toy for all ages of cats, but especially good for older ones to give them exercise and hold their interest.

Easy to assemble and comes with different speed settings for your cat’s fitness entertainment and pleasure. This is a great independent electronic cat toy that doesn’t require constant supervision.

9. Catit Speed Circuit


Keep your cat vividly entertained with this exciting toy. This product is motion activated with flashing ball for interactive play. It also comes equipped with elevated peek a boo tracks and a roller coaster element allowing your cat to chase, and swat at the ball.

There a various layout possibilities for your cat’s playing pleasure and additional tracks can be purchased to add on to the original set-up. Excellent item to support your feline’s fitness needs.

Very sturdy and secure. Tracks can be switched to provide your cat with greater entertainment. Fun to watch for you and your cat and makes for an attractive piece of décor in your home.

8. Interactive Feather Wand


This sturdy and long feather wand will be will provide endless joy for your cats. Watch your feline leap, flip, fly off elevated areas to capture and attack the long feathers on the wand.

The feather feature imitates prey in the wild and stimulates your cat’s natural senses to hunt.

Your feline will always want to play because of the captivating feather feature. A great tool for giving your indoor cat loads of exercise and ideal for an outdoor cat to give them a variety of stimulation.

7. Treat Maze Puzzle Game


Super toy for the inquisitive kitty who likes to sniff, explore and rummage. Different levels offer varying levels of complexity for cats to keep them interested. Great for dropping in food treats and small toys for you feline to hunt for.

Sturdy durable cardboard box will resistant shredding even for your most relentless feline. Your cat will enjoy the challenge of striving to retrieve items out of the box and will be intrigued with the many holes and spaces that they can paw around at.

Excellent for indoor cats who don’t get a chance to scout around in the outdoors.

6. Cheese Chase Ball Track


A stationary toy that offers loads of fun for you cat. The translucent balls will have your cat constantly intrigued while they paw away and chase to their heart’s content.

Swiss cheese center with holes offer more opportunity for your cat to explore and rummage around. An exceptionally good toy that requires no human interaction for those cat owners who work long hours. This cat toy ensures that your feline will be stimulated with independent play.

Soft clothed mouse filled with cat nip on the top of the spring provides more play activity and will excite your cat even further in indulging in this toy.

Best Cat Toys (6)

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5. Tunnel Cat Toy


A super toy for those curious cats that want to explore and feel safe at the same time.. The tunnel measures 9.5” diameter X 35” long and is perfect for a multiple cat household where they can pounce, chase and interact with each other.

It also retracts to 2” to accommodate easy storage. Durable, plush material for your cat’s comfort and stable enough to resistant holes from scratching and boisterous play.

4. Wand Feather Toy


What a delightful way for you and your cat to have some play time. A fantastic way for your feline to get some exercise and burn off energy.

Watch your cat jump, leap, and repeatedly circle its paws in the air while you dangle this toy while sitting on a sofa, chair or even while moving around with them. The long ribbon like fabric extensions extending from the strong base wand allows you to move the toy in a flying motion so that your cat can pounce at the feathery toys hanging on the end.

You cat will truly be fascinated by the feathers.

3. Organic Catnip Banana


Fantastic toy to pamper your cat with. Filled with premium organic cat nip, your cat will be in bliss sniffing, chewing, licking and rubbing its head against this toy.

Soft, durable material will resist immediate shredding from even your most boisterous cat. An essential item to have to relieve stress and in your cat and keep them mellow and occupied, but most of all to see them happy.

Comes in packs of 3 for a multi-house cat or if you just want to indulge your beloved pet.

2. Da Bird Feather Toy


This strong 36” wand with feather attachment will hold up to your cat’s most rambunctious play. Long feather attachment will entice your cat to jump and grab with eager excitement.

This value pack with 2 extra feathers will come in handy for those who like to spend a lot of time playing with their feline buddies. This cat toy will provide lots of fun for you and your feline where you can remain stationary and dangle the cat toy or run around with your cat to give yourself and them some exercise.

The Da Bird feather feature resembles prey in your cat’s natural environment which in turn will satisfy their instinctual need to hunt.

1. Cat Dancer Toy


This toy offers a fun way to play with your cat and for them to get their daily requirement of exercise.

Your cat will continually chase and jump at the cloth like ribbon to eventually sink its teeth into the material. Long ribbon material is very attractive to cats and even after a play session they may hunt and retrieve it for you to play with them again!

This is a durable and super-priced cat toy that will literally and physically have your cat “jumping” for joy.

Best Cat Toys Summary

For a cat, hunting is a mental as well as a physical activity. For your cat play time to be productive, kitty has to have successful captures and not get frustrated. As you are moving one of these best cat toys around, let her have plenty of captures during the game. You need to make the game fun for your cat.

When play time with kitty has come to an end, you do not want to just stop and put the toy away. Your kitty is still amped up, and needs to cool down before ending the game. Let kitty catch the toy and keep it as if it is dead. Giving them a treat will mimic their natural behavior of eating their prey after the kill.

So set aside some special time to play with your cat, and not only will both of you have fun, but it will help keep your cat happy and healthy.

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